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Maisons Relais and Nurseries

For the well-being of every child

The Maisons Relais and Nurseries are Luxembourg Red Cross’ structures dedicated to children and their parents. They have been created to offer families high-quality education and care. Thanks to functional spaces and an open work approach, the children learn to be autonomous in an environment of trust.

For children from 3 months to 12 years of age

In our structures, we welcome non-schooled children aged 3 months to 4 years old (nurseries) and schooled children aged 3 to 12 years old (maisons relais). In addition, we offer integrated care to children with IPR (applicants for international protection) or IPP (beneficiaries of international protection) status. Our offer contributes to the reconciliation of family and professional life, social inclusion, prevention of precariousness and integration. Our structures are at the service of municipalities and parents, who are also valuable partners in the success of these missions.  

Personalised care and stimulation for each child

In each of its interventions, the qualified staff focuses on the well-being and individual needs of each child, stimulates his or her skills and autonomy, promotes participation and establishes a relationship based on trust, affection and respect. Depending on their age, children can move freely within the structure according to their personal interests and needs. This quality approach is guided by the National Reference Framework for Non-Formal Education of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Children. The basic principles are self-determination, individualisation, differentiation, responsibility and participation.

For the development of the child

The pedagogy of Emmi Pikler is at the base of our work in the day nurseries. It stimulates and respects the development and individual rhythm of the child from a very early age. Our work approach in the day nurseries is also inspired by the Reggio pedagogy: the children can choose their activities independently. The educational staff ensures that they have access to a comprehensive offer that meets their needs and interests. Innovative projects (iPad, peer mediation, newspaper, etc.) are constantly being added to the services provided. The learning of Luxembourgish is supported while at the same time all the languages, cultures and religions of the countries of origin of all the children are welcome.

With the parents, in the interest of the children

Parents are their children’s first and most important experts. Respect, mutually esteemed contact and communication on an equal footing are the basis of the educational partnership sought by the staff. Parents are informed as much as possible about their child and the ongoing pedagogical work. Their feedback enables the work to be optimally adapted for the benefit of the child.

Thanks to an exemplary team

In each institution, the team is composed of the management, qualified pedagogical staff and educational assistants. These staff members are role models for the children. They treat them with respect, esteem, knowledge and pedagogical competence. The quality of the care provided is continuously monitored and improved through further training, supervision, pedagogical advice and evaluation.

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