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Make a donation
to the Luxembourg Red Cross

Do you wish to pass on part of your assets during your lifetime and see the results of your commitment? Then why not make a donation (real estate or assets of any kind)?

Make a bequest
to the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Maybe you have no direct heirs and want the majority of your assets to go to people in need rather than to the state? Maybe you do have direct heirs, but you also want to help those who have nothing?

Combine mourning
with an act of solidarity.

Are you grieving for a loved one and want to honour their memory while keeping an eye on the future?

Combine mourning with an act of solidarity.

And, of course, you can help us with a “normal” donation to help those who need your support.

Whatever type of support you choose, with the Red Cross, you can be sure that your help will go to where it is needed. This is what we stand for as members of the “Don en Confiance Luxembourg” association, whose guidelines we are committed to comply with. You can find out all about it in our annual report.