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Get involved

Would you like to actively help the Luxembourg Red Cross? Then you are in good company: there are about 1,500 volunteers currently working for us. There are essentially two types of voluntary work:

Become a volunteer

Many of our services would be unthinkable without volunteers. Highly motivated young people, for example, are actively involved in organising exciting holiday camps for their peers. Others ‘donate’ part of their free time or help save lives. All of these volunteers are the perfect complement to our professional staff, and many of them receive specific training from us.

29 local sections

Our 29 local branches are testimony to our more than 100 years of local presence in the field. Here too, specific measures are implemented to benefit those in need. In addition to this, local volunteers regularly hold leisure and cultural events, the profits of which are donated to the Red Cross and, through it, to the needy.