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Who needs you?

People with health restrictions

Illness, disability or even loneliness can affect anyone, on any day. When that happens, it is important to be able to count on people who know how to help, whether at home or in a care facility, whether through interpersonal exchanges or in the form of actual medical help. 

Children and Youth

Young people need freedom in their everyday life or in their leisure time, and often also need very tangible support. Both are essential for children to be able to grow, and for adolescents to become able to control their lives independently. Families can achieve much, but not everything. What’s more, parents are not always able to fulfil their role.

People in precarious situations 

Individuals and families can very quickly find themselves in a precarious situation. This also applies to wealthy Luxembourg. Young families or single parents can be just as badly affected as refugees from the many crisis regions in the world, sex workers and the homeless, as well as elderly people with a meagre pension.

Victims of disasters around the world

Every day, people all over the world are caught in crisis situations and are victims of disasters. In such cases, support truly makes a difference. Its importance is twofold: firstly, as direct aid to quickly relieve initial distress, and secondly, as sustainable support to rebuild a humane living environment.