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The Statutes

Law of August 16, 1923 conferring civil status on the Society of the Luxembourg Red Cross (Memorial A 1923, p. 461)

Art. 1 The Society of the Luxembourg Red Cross is recognized as a public utility and will as such have civil status

This association has as its mission within the Grand Duchy, in times of peace and in times of war, the aims of the Geneva Convention of July 6, 1906 for the improvement of the conditions of the wounded and sick in armies in the field, as well as those of the League of Societies of Red Cross founded in Paris on May 5, 1919, following the Conference of Cannes.

The Society particularly aims:

In times of war:

  1. To contribute, by all means within its capacity, with the retrieval, transport, treatment, and subsistence of sick and wounded soldiers, without reference to nationality;
  2. To contribute to the relief of all the victims of the war.

In times of peace:

  1. To prepare the organisation of healthcare training, managed by the Red Cross in times of war ;
  2. To contribute to the improvement of hygiene and of public health and to spread the principles of hygiene in the population ;
  3. To anticipate and to fight social evils and contagious diseases ;
  4. To take active part in working for the protection of children ;
  5. To come to the assistance of victims of catastrophe or widespread disaster.

L’ensemble des statuts

The complete statutes can be found here, extrait du Mémorial du 16 août 1923 (PDF).

The statutes of the Luxembourg Red Cross can be found here:

Amended law of December 18, 1914 concerning the protection of the emblems of the Red Cross. (Memorial A 1914, p. 1197)

Art. 1. Fined by 25 to 250 euros will be:

  • those who, without any regular authorisation, wear the emblem of the Red Cross ;
  • those who, unduly and without permission, use the denomination or the emblem of the Red Cross, whether to call to public charity, or as a means of commercial advertising.

The authorisations are granted by the government or its deputies.*

*see law of June 13, 1994 on the sentencing regime (mem. 1994, 1096).