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Red Cross Strategy 2030

In the summer of 2022, the Luxembourg Red Cross unveiled its strategy for the coming years, up to 2030. Michel Simonis, General Director, describes it as a compass guiding the organisation’s future actions. The 2030 strategy is the result of a participative, cross-disciplinary process, and is the outcome of in-depth dialogue between different teams and areas of expertise, both operational and strategic.

Clear priorities, concrete ambitions

The roadmap is made up of 12 areas, each with clear ambitions. Half of these focus on areas of intervention, such as health, housing, youth, crises, international aid and volunteering. The other half focuses on developing the means necessary to provide effective and efficient assistance, including bientraitance, human resources management, donor relations, digitalisation, the environment and the creation of the Red Cross House.

A strategy to support our mission

Michel Simonis emphasises that this strategy is intended to outline the path that the organisation wishes to follow. It reflects the responsiveness and flexibility that the Luxembourg Red Cross has already demonstrated on many occasions and is a transparent expression of the commitments made by the teams for the coming years. It details the actions planned and how they will be implemented to strengthen support to beneficiaries through the effective engagement of all teams.

The Strategy 2030 is a genuine commitment to continuously improving the impact of the Luxembourg Red Cross in society.

Read the Luxembourg Red Cross Strategy 2030 (in French) in detail: