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Humanitarian Aid

The Red Cross Luxembourg stands in solidarity with the most vulnerable around the world. Our teams of the “Aide Internationale” (Humanitarian Aid) unit can deploy in emergency to support those affected by conflict, as well as of natural and man-made disasters.

Currently, our international humanitarian projects include emergency shelter solutions and long-term environmental projects.

Help across borders

Acting in crisis situations and providing long-term relief

The Luxembourg Red Cross is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and adheres to its 7 fundamental principles. Our mission is to help vulnerable people to live in dignity and autonomy.

In conflict situations, our teams work to alleviate the suffering of the affected populations, without any discrimination. This includes contributing to the protection of civilians, especially in the field of shelter, which is a core expertise of the Red Cross Luxembourg.

In times of peace, we work to prevent disasters and epidemics. This includes the training of local staff in emergency preparedness, the strengthening of local health systems, as well as developing the resilience of the survivors of disasters.  

Worldwide support

The Luxembourg Red Cross teams are deployed worldwide, with a particular commitment to the the African continent. Indeed, many people are forced to flee, especially in sub-saharan Africa where conflicts rage. Among these populations, women and children are the ones most at risk of violence, especially sexual violence.

An expert in emergency shelter, the Red Cross Luxembourg acts worldwide to contribute to the protection of those most at risk of violence. We also contribute to emergency preparedness and to the resilience of the communities we help, in times of peace.

In addition to our projects in sub-Saharan Africa, the expert staff of the Luxembourg Red Cross often respond to emergencies, including natural disasters and epidemics, worldwide. We currently work in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, the Democratic republic of Congo, Madagascar, Cameroon, Burundi, Chad, Ukraine and Nepal.

A Shelter specialist

In collaboration with humanitarian partners, including the IFRC Shelter Research Unit, we improve the housing and infrastructure of vulnerable populations through different programs.

We also do assessments of needs after a disaster. We are involved in research work to develop appropriate shelter solutions, adapted to the local environments, and train professionals on-site.

Responding to emergencies

When a disaster occurs, specially trained members of the Luxembourg Red Cross can be deployed within 48 hours anywhere in the world. This emergency team, Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Relief Benelux mobilises from the outset. Our professional team is able to organise the distribution of relief material to the victims of any disaster in a very short time.

The Red Cross was created in a war context to provide rapid and indiscriminate assistance to the wounded on the battlefield. However, in view of the chronic nature of crisis, Red Cross Luxembourg also participates in the reconstruction phase to improve people’s living conditions.

Promoting humanitarian law in Luxembourg

Our international team is also responsible for promoting international humanitarian law and its values in the Grand Duchy. Through workshops and various events, it encourages the humanitarian education of the population and young people in particular. It raises awareness on the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and encourages responsible behaviour with a view to contributing to a fairer world.

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