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The code of conduct

The Luxembourg Red Cross, alongside four other Luxembourgish non-profit organisations, regularly calls on the generosity of Luxembourg’s residents in order to support its social, sanitary and humanitarian missions.

Conscious of their duty to inform, and striving for a process where people can make donations with confidence, the Luxembourg Red Cross, the Alzheimer foundation, the Luxembourg Caritas Foundation, the Kräizbierg Foundation, and the Luxembourg Cancer Foundation, five Luxembourgish non-profit organisations active in the humanitarian and social domains, hereinafter referred to as “member organisations,” have written and agreed on this code of conduct for organisations which call on the public’s generosity (hereafter referred to as “Code”) on February 13, 2007.

During the creation of the Code, the member organisations wished to respond to the donor’s legitimate questions, in particular:

  • According to which criteria can I judge whether my donation is used in the best way possible, and in accordance to the purpose of the request?
  • How do I receive information on the actions taken?
  • How are these actions managed and controlled?
  • How does the organisation work?

Of by the signature of the present Code, the member organisations thus formalise commitments and practices, often already existing. They affirm their commitment to the notion of transparency and to their moral obligation to be accountable to the donors.

The six commitments

In order to enable “donating with confidence”, the member organisations need to meet the following six commitments:

  • Donor rights
  • Selfless management
  • Rigorous management
  • Correct Communication actions
  • Selfless fundraising actions
  • Financial transparency towards the donors

Donate with Confidence – Don en Confiance

As every donor has the right to know how his money is spent and whether it is well managed, and because each foundation or association has obligations towards their donors, the non-profit organisation “Don en Confiance Luxembourg” was founded on January 18, 2011.

The goal of the non-profit organisation is to encourage strict guidelines in order to allow making a donation in trust. This is enabled by the approval the association gives to its members.

Each public organisation which appeals to the generosity of the public in the social, humanitarian or environmental sector can become a member of this association.

Each organisation wanting to become a member needs to abide by a code of conduct which concerns the following points:

  • donor rights ;
  • selfless management ;
  • rigorous management ;
  • correct communication actions ;
  • selfless fundraising actions ;
  • financial transparency towards the donors.

The members of this new association need to observe this code and accept to undergo monitoring.

For further information, visit www.donenconfiance.lu