A centre for social integration and cohesion

The LISKO service of the Luxembourg Red Cross – Lëtzebuerger Integratiouns- a Sozialkohäsiouns-Zenter (Luxembourg Centre for Integration and Social Cohesion) aims to facilitate the social integration of beneficiaries of international and temporary protection based on an intercultural approach. The service promotes the empowerment of beneficiaries while raising awareness in the host communities.

It encourages intercultural coexistence and supports the Social Offices by offering specialised social support tailored to each beneficiary, in partnership with the entire national social network.

LISKO also offers training courses for professionals in the social sector, as well as for migrants and refugees, and works with trained intercultural interpreters to facilitate mutual understanding.

Lastly, LISKO organises inclusive activities and has set up a beneficiary sponsorship programme involving volunteers.

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