A centre for integration and social cohesion

LISKO (Lëtzebuerger Integratiouns- a Sozialkohäsiounszenter, Luxembourg Centre for Integration and Social Cohesion) mainly helps beneficiaries of international protection to integrate into Luxembourg society. Integration is achieved through empowering the concerned individuals, ensuring their access to social rights, as well as supporting them in finding their way in their new community and creating a social network. LISKO also intervenes when a coordination of actions and follow-up are necessary. Particular attention is paid to vulnerable people

A service supporting social offices

LISKO was established in 2016 following the substantial surge of incomming refugees. As soon as they arrive in Luxembourg, applicants for international protection (IPR) are taken care of by the Office National de l’Accueil (ONA), whose mission stops when an IPR is granted refugee status and becomes a beneficiary of international protection (BIP). From then on, the ONA directs the BIPs mainly to LISKO, and support can continue if the person wishes.

Conseillers Lisko en action

Multiple concrete initiatives

The work of the LISKO teams responds to the multiple needs of beneficiaries and professionals:

  • Reception, social assistance and individualised follow-up
  • Workshops
  • Exchange days
  • Interpreting
  • Assistance in the search for accommodation
  • “In the Skin of a Refugee” Training (for professionals)
  • Psychological follow-up and ALIN project (Atelier-Langue-Inclusion-Nouvelles technologies, a workshop on language, inclusion and new technologies)
  • Volunteering and integrative activities

49 nationalities

LISKO welcomes beneficiaries of 49 different nationalities as well as a few stateless people. As the number of cases from Eritrea has been strongly increasing, this nation is now the most represented in the service. However, Arab countries still account for the majority of follow-ups with nearly 52.3%. The recent resettlement from Niger has also increased the amount of persons coming from Sudan and Somalia.

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