Psychosocial support

LISKO provides social support for beneficiaries of international protection (BIP) and beneficiaries of temporary protection (BTP).

Its main aim is to provide psychosocial support to vulnerable people who are having difficulty accessing existing services for a combination of reasons, including language, cultural and/or financial barriers.

The service encourages people to take an active part in the process of social integration, promoting their social rights. The aim is to get them to take action on their own, once they have been given the tools by professionals. LISKO provides an environment that fosters trust and listening so that people feel free to seek help without fear of being judged.

Social support is individualised and based on the idea that each path towards independence and fulfilment is unique.

Social support at LISKO begins following a request for referral by a Social Office on the basis of the criteria below and ends when these criteria are no longer an obstacle to integration:

  • Young people under 25 living alone in Luxembourg and not receiving care from another organisation
  • Complex applications for family reunification
  • Inability to maintain their social rights
  • People who are illiterate in their mother tongue

In the case of family reunification, Lisko’s involvement is limited to situations requiring support in terms of access to documentation, drawing up a travel itinerary or even logistics.

For more information about family reunification, please contact us at:

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13, rue de Bragance
L-1255 Luxembourg



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