We work together for a better world

To help the most vulnerable, solidarity is an integral part of our work. And without you, nothing would be possible. Without you, we would not be able to change lives, empowering all our beneficiaries with dignity and autonomy.

First of all, this thank you goes of course to our volunteers and donors. Some support our work on a one-off basis, others with a regular donation.  Some may give us a few dozen euros, others commit themselves with larger amounts. Some give us a place in their wills, others help through a foundation, sheltered by the Fondation de Luxembourg or not. Companies and their employees help as part of their commitment as socially responsible companies. They all help and give us a basis on which we can apply the formidable leverage of working with local, national and international institutional actors, who provide co-financing for the projects we can develop thanks to the donations received. 

The Luxembourg Cooperation (Luxembourg Aid & Development), the ECHO programme (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations), LuxDevelopment, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and municipalities such as the City of Luxembourg.

Together, we can work in the best possible conditions to bring much-needed help to the most vulnerable people, while ensuring the safety of our teams.


Our Humanitarian Aid teams of the Luxembourg Red Cross run projects in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in Nepal and in Ukraine. Many people are forced to flee because of armed conflicts. Among these people, women and children are particularly at risk of violence, especially sexual violence.

We also contribute to the emergency preparedness and resilience of the communities we assist.

Each year, more than 127,000 children, women and vulnerable people benefit from our work. Our Emergency Response Unit Relief BeNeLux volunteers are trained to respond to emergencies such as natural disasters and epidemics within 48 hours, anywhere in the world. Most recently, our team was deployed to Haiti in 2021, following the earthquake that caused extensive damage and hundreds of victims. More than 23,000 people benefited from our interventions to distribute shelters, kitchen utensils, blankets or hygiene kits. They were thus able to meet their basic needs while waiting for their homes to be rebuilt and health services to be restored.

Ukraine Nepal

In Luxembourg

Our Humanitarian Aid is responsible for promoting international humanitarian law and its values in the Grand Duchy. We educate young people about the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and encourage responsible behavior in order to contribute to a more equitable world.

You help us change lives

Thanks to your support for us, but especially for women and children in Africa and elsewhere, you enable us to provide assistance in the most dangerous, remote and isolated areas, where we are sometimes the only ones to intervene.

We multiply the impact of your donation by obtaining co-financing for our projects from public institutions, up to four times the amount of funds we can provide with your donation.  This means that for every Euro you give us, we can mobilize five.