Les cas actuels de variole du singe en Europe proviennent probablement en grande majorité d’une transmission lors de rapports sexuels. Le risque de transmission est accru lors d’un contact direct avec des éruptions ou lésions au niveau de l’anus ou des organes génitaux.
Si vous avez plusieurs partenaires, utilisez le préservatif, il réduit le risque, mais ne protège pas complétement contre la variole du singe.
En cas de symptômes, contactez le service national des maladies infectieuses : 4, rue Ernest Barblé L-1210 Luxembourg Tel : 4411-3091 et évitez toute activité sexuelle, contact étroit ou partage d’objets et de tissus (vêtements, literie) jusqu’à ce que la variole du singe soit exclue ou que l’infection soit résolue (durant minimum 3 semaines).

HIV Berodung

Prevention, Testing and Treatment

The HIV Berodung (HIV counselling) service of the Luxembourg Red Cross is about promoting prevention of infectious diseases – from HIV, hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – and promoting a living environment that meets the needs of those concerned. Founded in 1988 to support people with AIDS, the service is currently a national public health stakeholder in the prevention of HIV, hepatitis C and other STIs, as well as psychosocial care.

Prevention: information, education and communication

The service offers a telephone hotline and personalised interviews on safer sex, safer use or on specific risky situations experienced by the caller. Tailor-made prevention sessions are also organised upon request for high schools, youth centres or for other audiences,  along with training sessions for the staff of organisations working in the social, medical or educational fields.

The participatory Roundabout AIDS course is organised three times a year in high schools. Finally, we hold information and awareness-raising campaigns and events to remind the entire population that these issues remain topical.

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