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Acting against the coronavirus pandemic in Luxembourg and worldwide

28 May 2020

Beyond its response to the health emergency in Luxembourg and continued support for the most vulnerable, the Luxembourg Red Cross continues its emergency projects abroad, while adapting to the epidemic context.

In Niger, for example, our teams have provided a reception facility for people who have tested positive for the virus, distributed hygiene kits and raised awareness among the population about good health practices. Other projects dedicated to the fight against the epidemic are being deployed in Burkina Faso, Chad, Cameroon, Mali, Madagascar, Burundi, Nepal and Ukraine.

Our team in Burkina Faso.

Strong logistic capacities

The international activities of the Luxembourg Red Cross do not stop at its target countries. The many logistical skills of its teams, which enable it to manage emergencies abroad, are in fact reused to support the health response of Luxembourg. In 48 hours, our coworkers got ready to ensure the distribution of more than 40 product references to equip those involved in the fight against the coronavirus.

“Being able to organize a large distribution of essential products following a disaster anywhere in the world also means being able to lend a helping hand during a crisis in Luxembourg“, says Rémi Fabbri, Director of International Aid. The Red Cross has consequently organized two distribution sites for health protection equipment for all social, educational and healthcare sectors, making it possible to distribute more than two million of products including masks, protective equipments or hydro alcoholic solutions.

Our international teams helping out in Luxembourg.