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The social impact of coronavirus

27 May 2020

In addition to the health response against the coronavirus, the Luxembourg Red Cross continues to help people at risk of social exclusion. From the very outset of the crisis, our teams have, for instance, stepped up measures to protect the health of all beneficiaries, as well as that of staff.

Social grocery stores have remained open for the most precarious and their access has been extended to people particularly vulnerable to the economic consequences of the crisis. The social helpline has remained functional for all those who do not know where to turn.

The Riicht Eraus service, which prevents domestic violence, has also adapted by opening a hotline.“In times of a lockdown, it is very important to remain attentive to the risk of escalating domestic violence,” explains Laurence Bouquet, head of Riicht Eraus. “This number enables all potential perpetrators of violence to speak to a listening ear and get advice on non-violent management of risk situations.”

Continued support is also ensured at dropIn for sex workers, while the possibility of carrying out an HIV self-test is promoted following the discontinuance of the reception at the HIV Berodung and of the deployment the DIMPS van. The Wanteraktioun, which aims to protect the homeless, has been extended, while professionals continue to assist migrants and refugees confined to their reception facilities,  as well as children and teenagers in difficulty at the Norbert Ensch Reception Centre.