A selfless gesture, and a two-way exchange

Volunteering, which is part of the 7 principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, also plays a key role in the daily work of the Luxembourg Red Cross. Ultimately, our employees and our volunteers are united around the very same human desire to respond to a need for help, assistance and support.

Health, social, youth and humanitarian issues

The Luxembourg Red Cross has approximately 1500 volunteers of all ages, nationalities and/or religions. Their work is essential to ensure the continuity of our activities in the health, social, youth and humanitarian fields. They are the embodiment of the principle of neutrality. Moreover, they give their time and energy, of their own free will, without receiving remuneration or any form of compensation, to serve others and the community at large.

In which service should you get involved?

  • The Youth Red Cross
  • IRIS
  • Weesen Elteren
  • The Dog Unit
  • Material and food aid
  • The Migrant and Refugee Service
  • Blood Transfusion Centre
  • Rescue Service

Why get involved?

Volunteering is above all a selfless gesture, but you also get something in return for your involvement. Feeling useful, getting personal satisfaction, giving your free time to others, sharing your experiences, acquiring new skills, defending a cause or simply wanting to do a good deed: those are the reasons why people volunteer for the Red Cross.

Interested in volunteering?

Contact us

Service volontariat (Volunteering departement)
Phone: 2755