Humanitarians in the field

08 September 2022

Our new Escape Game will be in Neimënster on 24. and 25. September !

The war has been raging in the country for two years now. With the fighting intensifying and getting closer, you must help the affected population. The situation is urgent. Awake the humanitarian spirit in you!

The Red Cross Humanitarian Aid invites you to discover its new game. From clue to clue, you will succeed in your rescue mission and discover, in the process, many notions of international humanitarian law.

Who is it for?

The adventure is open to everyone, young and old (from 12 years old accompanied by an adult, up to 77 years old), in groups of 3 to 5 people, with the level of difficulty being adapted to the group. It will be offered in French and Luxembourgish. The game lasts about an hour.

About the humanitarian housing exhibition

An exhibition on humanitarian housing is available right next to the escape game venue. In addition to discovering the shelters built within the framework of Humanitarian Aid projects in the Sahel, guided tours are offered to explore the different issues at the very source of the need for such shelters.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the conduct of war and the impact of the non-respect of international humanitarian law on the affected populations. This visit in French and Luxembourgish lasts 30 minutes and can be combined with the escape game.

About our activities “humanitarians in the field”

This summer 2022, the Luxembourg Red Cross’ Humanitarian Aid is launching two fun activities to discover International Humanitarian Law, in addition to the ‘Law in War’ thematic trail at the National Museum of Military History (NMMH) in Diekirch. The activities “Humanitarians in the field” complement this tour. They offer a simulation of International Humanitarian Law. They include an Escape Game, and guided tours inside four Sahel Shelters (emergency shelters deployed in Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Chad) which will allow you to familiarise yourself with the activities of the Luxembourg Red Cross Humanitarian Aid.