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Family assistance

The clients of the “Familljenhëllef” of the Luxembourg Red Cross are people who find themselves in particularly trying situations and find it difficult to manage them on their own. The service provides temporary help to their family system. Its objective: to enable children, adolescents or young adults to develop positively and improve their living situation.

Through a participatory process based on the family’s resources, the service develops and tests its approaches to solutions and thus strengthens the family’s social and educational skills. Familljenhëllef often acts as a link with the services and benefits resulting from child and youth welfare. For example, it helps beneficiaries return to their family of origin after a placement in a foster home, or organises visits for children placed in homes abroad, or accompanies families that have successfully overcome a crisis with help from Families First.

Services for the whole family

Familljenhëllef offers a wide range of services to assist families:

  • With educational tasks,
  • In giving them tips to handle everyday problems,
  • In  solving conflict between the parents or between the parents and the child,
  • With dysfunctional parent-child relationships.
  • With administrative process,
  • In getting young people to organise their daily life, and with their social integration,
  • In preventing parental overwork.

Targeted support

The request for assistance may be made by the family or a family member who applies to the ONE (Office National de l’Enfance); it can be based on a judicial decision of a Youth Court, or be made jointly by a professional applicant and the family. The support consists of one to two consultations of approximately two hours per week at the family’s home for a period of several months. The approach to be used is chosen according to the needs of the clients.

Well-trained family counsellors

In addition to their basic training as graduate or certified educators, family counsellors are trained in a systemic approach and/or FAM methods (Familien-Aktivierungs-Management). Due to the complexity of the cases and the multitude of problems to deal with, counsellors undergo continuous training. Since 2018, the service also offers animal-assisted family support: Bagira the therapy dog accompanies the counsellors on their appointments.

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