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Conflict in Ukraine: Help in Luxembourg

This set of frequently asked questions is a starting point and provides further references to those who want to help people displaced by the armed conflict coming to Luxembourg, especially considering housing.

This page will be updated when needed (Last update March 13 2022)


Cellule Logement

Housing the most disadvantaged people

The lack of affordable housing is a major challenge in Luxembourg. The “Cellule logement” of the Red Cross aims to respond to the housing and living needs of vulnerable people and families in Luxembourg with an innovative and collaborative approach.

A challenge for all social players

The most vulnerable people are those who are affected most frequently by housing issues: homeless people, single-parent families and all those living close to or below the poverty line.

The housing problem is omnipresent and has long been known to all social players in the country. For many years the lack of affordable housing for people with alternative or simply modest incomes, as well as the frequent price increases and a general shortage of housing have been a major challenge in Luxembourg.

The challenges in the area of social housing have become increasingly blatant: the waiting lists are long, alternative housing solutions are scarce at national level and the supply and demand for housing are in great disbalance. Social providers often experience a “bottleneck” effect within their target population: in fact, a non negligible number of beneficiaries no longer need a social or supervised housing, but cannot find affordable accommodation on the private market.

An innovative and collaborative unit

The “Cellule Logement” seeks to meet housing needs by contributing to the implementation of innovative, collaborative solutions that promote social diversity. It is involved in both the design and implementation of housing projects.

The research and development of innovative concepts for affordable and social housing projects is carried out in collaboration with the internal departments of the Luxembourg Red Cross as well as in partnership with other associations and public or private actors, both at local and national level, to create strategic partnerships and develop opportunities for housing projects together.

Reassure and motivate landlords

Do you own a home? The Luxembourg Red Cross can vouch for your tenant. During the first year of the lease, the Red Cross provides social support to your tenant and guarantees the payment of the rent as well as an advance payment of up to €3,000 for any material damage that is not covered by the rental deposit. As an alternative to the rental guarantees, you also have the possibility of renting your property to the Luxembourg Red Cross as part of a social rental management.

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