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World First Aid Day: Adapting First Aid Practices to the Pandemic

12 September 2020

September 12th is World First Aid Day, an opportunity to remind people of the importance of life-saving techniques!

Despite current concerns about Covid-19 and the focus on the prevention measures needed to limit its spread, injuries and health problems unrelated to the Coronavirus still happen.

Providing first aid quickly can avoid an extra burden for the healthcare system by handling simple injuries where they occur rather than calling an ambulance or taking the victim to hospital. At the same time, it can prevent unnecessary exposure of the victim to the virus. Nevertheless, serious injuries and illnesses will always require medical attention and the assessment and treatment of individuals should not be delayed out of fear of Covid-19.

The First Aid service of the Luxembourg Red Cross, after several months of “forced” standby, is once again offering its courses, rigorously applying the strict health instructions linked to the current context. Some adaptations have been made to the courses:

  • Courses are now limited to a maximum of 12 participants.
  • A training room allowing for sufficient physical distance and regular ventilation is used.
  • Participants must come with their own protective masks.
  • Participants are informed that they must not attend in case of the slightest suspicious symptom.
  • Practical exercises are carried out in fixed pairs, and the equipment and mannequins are disinfected.
  • Before and after the practical exercises, participants must wash or disinfect their hands.

Because an accident can happen at any time, and anyone can suffer or witness one, we have to be trained in first aid and acquire its basic and often life-saving notions. Everyone must feel responsible and able to act effectively when dealing with a human being in distress. Mënschen hëllefen!

Have a look at the catalogue of first aid training courses offered by the Luxembourg Red Cross by clicking here or by contacting the service directly by telephone: 27 55 – 4404.