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Protective measures against Covid-19

As part of the protective measures against Covid-19, some adjustments were made to the course processes.

  • Courses are now limited to a maximum of 12 participants.
  • Participants must bring their protective mask themselves.
  • The practical exercises are carried out in fixed groups of two.
  • Before and after the practical exercises, the participants must wash their hands or disinfect them.
An accident can happen at any time

First aid trainings

An accident can happen at any time. It could happen to you, or you might be a bystander. Everyone should be aware of his responsibility towards a human being in distress. This means that every citizen should have basic first aid knowledge.

The Luxembourg Red Cross runs first aid courses in Luxembourgish, French, German and English.

The Luxembourg Red Cross is officially approved as a training organisation in the field of first aid. All courses are given exclusively by instructors appointed by the Ministère de l’Intérieur (Ministry for Internal Affairs).

The first aid training programme

This 16-hour course is a mix of theory and practice, with theory reduced to a minimum. All basic first aid techniques are covered:

  • Introduction to first aid and helping someone in an accident
  • Unconscious victims and recovery position
  • Breathing and choking and how to help someone
  • Bleeding and first aid
  • Bandages
  • Fractures and first aid
  • Removing a motorcycle helmet and the recovery position
  • Burns and first aid
  • The heart, heart attacks and first aid
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and paediatric resuscitation
  • Resuscitation with early defibrillation

Courses on offer

  • Defibrillator training for the general public
  • First aid training for Students
  • First aid trainings
    occupational first aider (sauveteur secouriste du travail sst) company classes
  • First aid trainings
    occupational first-aid rescuer (sst) – group classes
  • Pediatric first aid
  • AED training
  • Refresher course

Further information

Please note:

Only those who take 16-hour courses are eligible for a First Aid Diploma. Participants of the other courses will receive a certificate of attendance.


All our courses are offered in Luxembourgish/German, French and English.

Our Prices

  • First aid 16-hour in-company course: 1850€/group
  • First aid 16-hour group lessons: 265€/person (150€ for students)
  • MAC SST 4-hour in-company course: 480€/group
  • MAC SST 4-hour group lessons: 70€/person
  • DSA / AED 4-hour in-company course: 480€/group
  • DSA / AED 4-hour group lessons: 70€/person
  • Pediatric 4-hour group lessons: 70€/person

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