Ukraine: one year of conflict, endless suffering

24 February 2023

One year after the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the number of victims continues to rise: more than 18,000 civilians injured or killed and 13 million displaced. In Luxembourg, more than 5,200 people have taken refuge after losing everything. Every day, the teams of the Luxembourg Red Cross come to their aid.

In Ukraine, the suffering is never-ending

Our presence on the ground and our long-standing partnership with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society enabled us to be immediately operational and effective in our assistance from the first hours of the conflict.

After rehabilitating numerous health centres in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Luxembourg Red Cross teams completed the Irpine hospital in December and made progress on the work that will allow the opening of the Kiev Functional Rehabilitation Centre.

The scale of the violence and the long-term damage is terrifying,” explains Myriam Jacoby, in charge of Ukraine for the Luxembourg Red Cross. In addition to supporting health centres in Ukraine, its teams have also distributed medical equipment, heating, food and hygiene kits, and supported the reconstruction of energy centres (access to water and electricity), helping a total of more than 820,000 people in Ukraine and Moldova.

11 months of humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Helping refugee families in Luxembourg

In the weeks following the military strikes, families left to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, which were quickly submerged, and further afield, as far as the Grand Duchy. The wave of solidarity during the first few months enabled many refugee families to be accommodated. An exile that many thought would be temporary, but which is still necessary after 12 months. For the time being, landlords who support the beneficiaries by renting out their homes are very satisfied with the guarantees provided, but the number of homes remains largely insufficient.

Our teams are constantly working to provide comprehensive support to refugees,” explains Nadine Conrardy, director of the Social Action and Health Department of the Luxembourg Red Cross. The Red Cross provides administrative, integration, social and psychological support for those who ask for it and finally, specialised support for children who come from migratory backgrounds.

Let’s keep helping together

While humanitarian needs persist in Luxembourg, Ukraine and Moldova, the Luxembourg Red Cross has been able to help nearly one million people affected by the conflict.

Without the support of Luxembourg residents, we would never have been able to provide aid on such a scale, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts” says Luc Scheer, member of the Luxembourg Red Cross management committee and head of fundraising.

We must not forget that the needs remain great for hundreds of refugee families in Luxembourg and millions of people in Ukraine”. People wishing to support the Luxembourg Red Cross can do so by bank transfer (IBAN LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000; Reference: Urgence Ukraine) or by clicking below.