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Preventing domestic violence: Online help from Riicht Eraus

20 March 2020

Lockdown and stress increase the risk of tensions and domestic violence. Riicht Eraus, the Red Cross service for domestic violence offenders, has made support available by setting up a hotline on 2755 5800.

“In times of fear and uncertainty, do not harm your family… call us before it comes to that.” says Laurence Bouquet, psychologist and head of the Riicht Eraus service.

During this lockdown, we should pay special attention to signs of increasing tension and conflicts within the family. To ensure that member of families continue to treat each other with respect and solidarity, Riicht Eraus advises people who feel that pressure within their relationship or family is increasing to call them before they become violent.

A telephone hotline – 2755 5800 – will be manned Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 o’clock and 1 pm to 4 pm by psychologists who specialise in working with violent offenders. Riicht Eraus can also be contacted by e-mail: riichteraus@croix-rouge.lu for discreet counselling for those who are violent with their relatives. These psychologists can provide psychological support and counselling to anyone who is a potential perpetrator of domestic violence.

Those who are already in the care of Riicht Eraus teams can still make use of telephone counselling sessions.

During those sessions, perpetrators of violence are advised on how to deal with risk situations in a non-violent manner and how to recognise their own limits and the limits of others.