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Helpline Social

A social helpline to meet all needs

When problems pile up and you don’t know your way out of them, it is crucial to have someone to turn to. To provide the most appropriate help to those in need, the Red Cross offers its Social Helpline to the general public and professionals. 

Sensitive subjects

Statistics show that the majority of requests to the Social Helpline concern accommodation, immigration and family. Very often, these topics are linked to other problems such as family conflicts, job loss, financial and psychological issues. 

In the majority of cases, people in need turn to the Social Helpline because they have little knowledge of the welfare system or because they are not (yet) entitled to help. Others contact the service to obtain additional or complementary help from the Social Offices. Finally, immigrants most often contact the Social Helpline because of the international reputation of the Red Cross.

Optimal assistance

The Social Helpline service, which can be reached via the hotline 2755, was set up to offer the general public – as well as professionals – optimal assistance and guidance in the social, children’s, youth and humanitarian fields.

Two social workers take care of:

  • The call for help and assistance;
  • Punctual and professional information on a social problem;
  • Calls with the aim of being directed to the most appropriate existing help;
  • Situations requiring access to specialized professionals;
  • Calls from social network professionals requesting information or consultation;
  • Social and vital emergency calls.

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