Sustainable housing in Burundi

28 June 2021

In 2020, we planted more than 400,000 trees and thousands of bamboos in Isare, in the rural province of Bujumbura,” says Alexander Jacoby, head of Burundi, Luxembourg Red Cross, back from the field.

Planting these trees, an initiative supported by the Luxembourg Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, will improve the infiltration of rainwater and reduce the risk of landslides, thus improving the environment and reducing the impact of climate change for more than 80,000 people living in the Isare commune.

We have a second sustainable housing project, for disadvantaged families in the province of Muyinga,” continues Alexander. In 2020, 130 houses with latrines, kitchens and water supply were built thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Invictus Home, for as many households in need. “We have been in Burundi for many years. It’s nice to notice that the houses built really are sustainable: the oldest ones, which date back to 2012 continue to protect their occupants from the vagaries of the weather.”

Construction techniques in Burundi are inspired by local knowledge and involve the community. “There is great solidarity. 600,000 Burundian Red Cross volunteers give several hours each week to help those most in need build their homes.”