Luxembourg Red Cross takes action against the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal

26 April 2021

Since early 2020, coronavirus has been a source of great difficulties for the poor and marginalised Nepalese people supported by the Luxembourg Red Cross. During the lockdown, many workers were unable to go to the fields, losing their only source of income. The Luxembourg Red Cross, supported by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, was already carrying out various activities in Dhading district to support this rural population, living in what were already very precarious conditions.

Given the weak public health system, it seemed likely that coronavirus seemed likely would wreak havoc in the Dhading district. The Nepalese government imposed a nationwide lockdown from March to July 2020, due to the difficulties in controlling the outbreak. Many families have been forced to rely on aid or, in some cases, have taken out high-interest loans, pushing them further into debt.

The Nepalese government asked the Red Cross to intervene throughout the district to combat the spread of Covid-19. Our teams supported the Nepalese Red Cross in setting up a quarantine centre and isolation posts. They installed hand-washing stations and sanitary equipment. They also organised awareness-raising sessions and campaigns on the need to respect social distancing.

Finally, to help the population cope with this very difficult situation, the Luxembourg Red Cross organised training sessions on psychological support and created an emergency fund for families in extremely precarious situations due to the pandemic.