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Barclays helps the Luxembourg Red Cross support vulnerable families and young refugees

28 August 2020

Barclays is partnering with the Luxembourg Red Cross to support programmes providing food and shelter to those hit hardest by the social consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

The announcement forms part of Barclays’ COVID-19 Community Aid Package helping charities working with vulnerable people impacted by the crisis, and alleviating the associated social and economic hardship caused. Thanks to their support, the Luxembourg Red Cross will be able to help 250 additional families through its social groceries and facilitate access to housing for 12 young refugees.

The partnership will help the Luxembourg Red Cross face the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two social programmes will benefit from it: the social grocery stores managed by the Red Cross, as well as its unit helping refugees. « We thank Barclays for its generous donation. It will allow us to give access to 250 additional families to our social groceries during six months », said Michel Simonis, Director General, Luxembourg Red Cross.

In 2019, the 8 grocery stores operated by the Luxembourg Red Cross provided food and essential everyday products at greatly reduced prices to more than 5,300 families people with financial difficulties. Snorre Tysland, Barclays, commented “This crisis puts more members of the community at risk of being sidelined. Barclays is proud to help the Red Cross scale its efforts in support of the increasing number of vulnerable people in Luxembourg.” 

Inside the Mersch Buttek.

Thanks to the support of Barclays, LISKO (Lëtzebuerger Integratiouns- a Sozialkohäsiounszenter), the Red Cross’ unit which helps refugees with their integration, will provide a dozen of refugees aged 18-25 with housing in shared flats for one year. The flats or houses are typically shared by 4-5 people. The tenants contribute to the rent by 30% of their income and receive support from social workers to become financially fully independent.

The Luxembourg Red Cross has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic from the outset, in line with its mission: “Mënschen hëllefen” [Helping People]. In addition to its support to the Luxembourg health response, its teams are helping those most affected by the economic and social crisis in Luxembourg.