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A home for those who need it most

11 June 2023

As it becomes more and more difficult to house the people who need it most, the Luxembourg Red Cross calls on the owners to show solidarity with the most modest households.

Do you have an empty property and want to support our action? The Luxembourg Red Cross supports you and offers you guarantees.

A guarantee of payment of the rent, social support for the tenant, regular monitoring and coverage of some repair costs are some of the measures that the Red Cross implements so that the most modest families do not remain away from housing.

Simple solutions and guarantees for owners who wish to show solidarity with those who are struggling to find a house exist. At the Luxembourg Red Cross, it is important to inform about these solutions,” explains Frédérik Noël, head of the organization’s Housing Unit “Cellule Logement Encadrement Solidaire “(CLES).

Whether it is due to very low income, complicated life paths, or the status of beneficiary of international protection, the Luxembourg Red Cross notes that housing is one of the main concerns for the people we help.

If you wish to rent your property directly to one of our beneficiaries, don’t hesitate to contact us !