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A home for those who need it most

02 December 2022

As winter looms in Luxembourg, it becomes more and more difficult to house the people who need it most. Do you have an empty property and want to support our action? The Luxembourg Red Cross supports you and offers you guarantees.

This year, Luxembourg residents have shown incredible solidarity with the people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine,” says Nadine Conrardy, director of the Luxembourg Red Cross’ Social Action and Health Department. “We could build trust with the owners“.
If you wish to rent your property directly to one of our beneficiaries, the Luxembourg Red Cross can vouch for your tenant. During the first year of the lease, the organisation provides social support to your tenant and guarantees the payment of the rent.
Precariousness is increasing and our structures are becoming full. We call on the generosity of those who own a home to help us guarantee that none of the people in financial difficulty whom we help has to sleep in the street,” continues Frédérik Noël, head of Cellule Logement Encadrement Solidaire (CLES- Solidarity Housing Unit).

Whether it is due to very low income, complicated life paths, or the status of beneficiary of international protection, the Luxembourg Red Cross notes that housing is one of the main concerns for the people we help. “In particular, we are looking for accommodation for a minimum period of one year. Otherwise the uncertainty is not bearable for the families or people housed. We do not want to stress them with the idea that they have to relocate the next month, or not knowing what the near future will bring, ”he explains.