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Weesen-Elteren is an exchange and support group for parents who have lost a child


Self-help group for grieving parents

Weesen-Elteren is an exchange and support group for parents who have lost a child. The group is open to all parents, regardless of the age of the deceased child and the cause of death, and welcomes them for as long as they feel the need. Whether they come alone or as a couple, sharing the experiences of others can help relieve the parents’ grief. Weesen-Elteren organizes monthly meetings as well as various activities throughout the year.


Listening, showing, helping

Weesen-Elteren has three objectives:

  • To listen to parents and give them the opportunity to talk freely about their child;
  • To show parents that they are not alone in their grief;
  • To help parents accept their situation and gradually regain a taste for life.

Monthly meetings every last Wednesday of the month

The monthly meetings are prepared and conducted by parents who have also lost a child. They take place every last Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m.
The location of each meeting depends on the number of participants. Therefore, shortly before each meeting, participants will be informed of the location. Please register for each meeting by phone on the: +352 691 901 321

Agenda Termine 2024:Termine 2024:

Wednesday 31 January   Wednesday 29 May             Wednesday 25 September

Wednesday 28 February     Wednesday 26 June             Wednesday 30 October

Wednesday 27 March       Wednesday 31 July          Wednesday 27 November

Wednesday 24 April        Wednesday 28 August            Wednesday 18 December (Christmas Eve)

Following an initial contact, by telephone or e-mail, the parents can meet one of the group’s coordinators personally if they wish before attending the monthly meetings.

In addition, the self-help group Weesen-Elteren offers the possibility of:

  • A personal meeting if necessary;
  • Borrowing books on death and mourning (for adults and children);
  • Meeting or calling outside of the monthly meetings.

Activities offered each year

Finally, Weesen-Elteren organises other activities during the year:

  • The “Walk & Talk”, a walk combined with moments of reflexion and exchange followed by a meal (family activity open to parents and their children);
  • Le Keelenowend ;
  • Christmas Eve;
  • Information and the opportunity to participate in conferences, concerts and other activities related to bereavement.

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