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Help for homeless people or people living in very precarious conditions

The Emergency Shelter and Reception Service (SALU) of the Luxembourg Red Cross is a series of services that help homeless people or people living in very precarious conditions in overcoming their difficulties: eating, getting warm, or finding a place to sleep.

SALU offers them accommodation and low-threshold assistance to gradually optimise their material, social and health situation with the aim of achieving a sustainable and dignified quality of life.
This includes the winter action (Wanteraktioun), the bistrot social, the streetwork, the Nightshelter and supported housing.


  • Streetwork is essentially extra muros work (literally: “outside the walls”) to support homeless people by coming to them and informing them about help they can receive.

Our social workers and educators meet socially excluded people in public spaces and offer them support if they wish. Various rounds are organised during the day and at night to offer them soup or hot drinks and to inform them of the help available.

contact : streetwork@croix-rouge.lu

  • In addition to this work, the Bistrot Social “Am Haff” is a daytime shelter in the upper town of Luxembourg. At the Bistrot Social, beneficiaries have a place to rest, access to meals, emergency clothes, showers, and sanitary facilities. They can re-establish the often-lost trust with social services. Social workers are on duty and are available to listen to their specific needs.

The Bistrot Social is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm.)

  • The Nightshelter is a place of refuge open all week from 7pm to 9am for homeless people in emergencies. The Nightshelter is a place where people can rest, warm up, wash their clothes or have a snack.

contact : nightshelter@croix-rouge.lu

  • “Saxophone” supervised accomodations provides beneficiaries with furnished accommodation and support to stabilise their socio-economic situation. Organised in such a way that each person supported has an individual furnished room as well as a shared kitchen, shower room and sanitary facilities, it encourages learning to live in a community while offering individualised support to enable the beneficiaries to stabilise their socio-economic situation.

  • In Winter, the “Wanteraktioun” (WAK) or Winter Action is a humanitarian initiative that aims to prevent homeless people from falling victim to hypothermia during the cold season, from 15 November to 15 April each year.

Caritas, Inter-actions and the Luxembourg Red Cross have joined forces to form the Dräieck association, which manages this project at Findel. The Foyer de Jour, an activity organized by the Red Cross, offers hot meals from 12am to 4pm, from 15/11 to 15/4. The night shelter is accessible from 7.15pm to 9am, via a shuttle bus departing from the Gare.

contact : benevolat@draieck.lu

All these services can be offered thanks to the support of the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Family and Integration, in close cooperation with other players in the field.

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