Supervised housing for young adults in distress

The “Perspectives” service welcomes young adults between 16 and 26 years of age who are experiencing psychosocial distress. It offers socio-educational guidance on the basis of their life project. The young adult must assert his or her willingness to change the current situation and formulate personal and professional goals. The service is based on three pillars: the provision of accommodation, life coaching and support, and professional and/or educational guidance.


Housing is a major tool in the coaching of young adults. It is a first step towards their professional integration and reintegration into society. Housing is adapted to the needs and level of autonomy. In order for the housing system provided to mirror reality as closely as possible, the young adults must pay the rent as well as the charges. Indeed, housing alone is a form of learning about reality and leads the young adult to take responsibility.

Supervision and support

The young adult’s training is based on his or her interpersonal and life skills. He or she must acquire skills in three areas: emotional, social and cognitive.

Professional and/or school guidance

The aim of the service is either to reorient the young person towards a realistic school education or to integrate him or her into the world of work with the necessary training. The service works in accordance with the measures proposed by the State in its National Action Plan for Employment.

Two different options are proposed

  • Supportive housing
    between 16 and 27 years of age
  • Jugendwunnen project
    between 18 and 27 years of age

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