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health and quality of life above all!

The Help and Care service of the Luxembourg Red Cross helps people who are losing their autonomy or who are debilitated by a health condition to live at home while maintaining a quality of life that meets their expectations. These services enable the person and his/her family to carry out essential daily activities and to participate in dedicated activities and leisure as well.

Clients: People with reduced autonomy or with a disabling condition

Beneficiaries generally have diminishing autonomy or live with a debilitating condition. They require support or follow-up from healthcare professionals. The need for care may be permanent or for a fixed period of time. People with acute health problems can also benefit from this service as soon as they leave hospital or a rehabilitation centre.

Each client benefits from comprehensive, interdisciplinary and individualized care, in line with his or her life plan. All the care project services follow an approach aimed at maintaining or restoring the person’s autonomy while taking care to respect his or her lifestyle.

How to become a client?

To become a client, simply contact us on 26 70 26. Our employees are at your disposal and will advise you in your search for information or solutions, every day from 7am to 10pm.

The Help and Care service is part of the Help network along with other recognised players in the field of aid and care.

For more information:

The offer: a wide range of services

In order to guarantee you global, efficient and adapted care, the Help and Care service manages:

  • Local aid and care centres, close to your home and throughout the country;
  • Day centres that welcome you during the day and offer you activities and support adapted to your needs and interests;
  • Supported housing that allows independent or slightly dependent elderly people to live in apartments adapted to their needs and benefit from assistance and care services, hotel services and common living areas;
  • Emergency or holiday accommodation beds in our supervised accommodation;
  • Senior Clubs organizing social, cultural, sports and leisure activities for seniors;
  • An “Activities and Leisure” service offering outings and holiday stays for network customers, while providing supervision by a team of qualified care staff;
  • Help24, a system for calling and providing assistance at home and outside the home, with an active geolocation system in case of emergency. It allows people to live and move around, as they wish, in complete safety.
  • A team dedicated to support and continuous care intervenes alongside the local teams, in complex situations or when the specific needs of a patient require technical or specialized care.
  • Support for the caregivers such as listening, counseling, or respite.

The team: healthcare professionals

Your care is provided by qualified and specially trained health professionals, to guarantee you the best possible quality of life:

  • Nurses,
  • Nurses specialized in gerontology, diabetes, wound care, palliative care, etc.
  • Infirmiers-relais (Nurses arranging home health care assistance),
  • Orderlies,
  • Caregivers,
  • Housekeepers,
  • Occupational therapists,
  • Physical therapists,
  • Psychologists,
  • Educators.

In order to guarantee the continuity of your care, the Help and Care service of the Luxembourg Red Cross works in close collaboration with numerous organisations and, in particular, general practitioners and specialists, the social services of hospitals and municipalities, as well as local services such as Centres d’Initiative et de Gestion Locale (CIGL) for domestic needs.

Do you have any comments, any claims or suggestions to share with us?

Please contact us by telephone on 27 55 – 3000.
We are interested in your opinion and our quality department will be happy to hear any recommendations or complaints.

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