An artistic project dedicated to young people

Hariko is a place for interaction, sharing and creation between artists and young people aged 12 to 26. The project is about getting young people to come and meet multitalented artists and musicians. Members can attend workshops in painting, graffiti, guitar, piano, singing, jewel creation and dance. Workshops on offer will change every 3 months in order to insure a diversity and variety of workshops, artists and art. The workshops, studios and common areas of the project are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 19:00. Hariko is a part of the Youth programme of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

A playful and stimulating space for young people

Hariko offers young people from all walks of life access to art and creativity, in a relaxed atmosphere and a hip setting suitable for young people, and promotes their social inclusion. It is an attractive alternative to discover visual arts, music and dance. It allows talented and sensitive young people who might tend to exclude themselves or not dare to attend classical institutions to still experience the world of art and music. In addition, Hariko regularly opens its doors to high school classes, including art sections, which allows its target audience to come into direct contact with established artists and to experience the day-to-day of creative work.

The name Hariko is a mix of Haribo (“Kids and grown-ups love it so!”) and bean (“Boun”, from Bouneweg / Bonnevoie, where Hariko was initially housed. And “haricot” is French for “bean”!  The name is the outcome of intense and hilarious team brainstorming sessions, and reflects the playfulness of the project.

Helping young people grow through creativity and exchange

The Gramsci Monument, created by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn in the Bronx in 2013, is the main source of inspiration for the project. Hariko contributes to the development of all young people by activating their creative potential, discovering alternative means of expression, exchange and reflection. The project aims to broaden the minds of youths from all walks of life, particularly those who have not yet had access to art. It aims to stimulate their intellectual capacities and their artistic sensitivity in order to provide them with new perspectives in life.

Promoting humanist values through art

Hariko naturally promotes the values ​​of equality and justice. The truth and authenticity of the artists and of participants’ creations generate experiences and encounters that will remain engraved in their intellectual and emotional memory. Hariko aims to strengthen the ability of youths to integrate, and to promote tolerance, by bringing together diverse groups of youths and artists with different origins and backgrounds to meet and exchange as equals.

Contact us

Hariko Ettelbruck

2a Rue de l’Arcade
L-9014 Ettelbruck

27 55 72 93

Hariko Esch-sur-Alzette

Bâtiment 4
66, rte de Luxembourg
L-4149 Esch/Alzette

27 55 72 92

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