Ukraine: the Luxembourg Red Cross calls for support for the population

01 March 2022

The Luxembourg Red Cross is launching an appeal for donations to strengthen its emergency response.

People wishing to support the Luxembourg Red Cross can do so

  • by making an online donation or
  • by bank transfer : IBAN LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000 ; Reference : Ukraine Emergency

The recent bombings in Ukraine are having a terrible humanitarian impact on the population. The Luxembourg Red Cross, involved in the emergency response to cope with the worst of the repercussions, is calling for donations to support the civilian population

In the last few days, pumping stations supplying more than one million people in the Donetsk region have been destroyed, while many health centres close to the front line are at risk. Dozens of people have died as a result of the shelling, and the number is rising, according to Ukraine. The Luxembourg Red Cross has launched an emergency response to support the population, while the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is calling for the preservation of these vital structures for the civilian population living in the area.

“The recent explosions show that the worst can happen again. We are launching an emergency intervention, releasing 150,000 euros to support the local population,”

says Rémi Fabbri, Director of Humanitarian Aid at the Luxembourg Red Cross.

His team in Kramatorsk is buying candles and lamps to enable families in the area to evacuate to the bunkers if necessary. In the last few days, more than 250 families have received charcoal for heating.

“The Luxembourg Red Cross has been present in Ukraine since 1992 and in Donetsk since 2014,” explains Myriam Jacoby, country manager in Luxembourg. “We were involved in the reception of internally displaced people to provide tents in cases of emergency and then rebuild houses that had been destroyed at the time due to the conflict.
Since then, we have continued to rebuild health centres and train the population in first aid. In the event of a mass displacement of the population, its teams are ready to meet the needs of the displaced people by providing them with tents, showers, heating and food, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Red Cross and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.