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Ukraine: healthcare at a local level

02 December 2020

Despite the progress made with the rehabilitation of hospitals in Ukraine, the healthcare needs of the Donetsk population, one million souls, remain significant. Since 2018, the Luxembourg Red Cross has been renovating local health centres in collaboration with other partners.

 “Since 2018 our team of 6 staff on site has already been able to renovate 9 local health centres. Over the course of 2020, we are renovating four more with the support of the German Red Cross”, explains Myriam Jacoby, project leader for Ukraine at the Luxembourg Red Cross. In August, the rural healthcare centre in Krasnohorivka was inaugurated, followed by those in Klynove, Viroliubivka and Halytsynivka in September. These four healthcare facilities receive more than 420 patients for consultations, vaccinations and heart examinations each week. The fifth and last health centre renovated by the Luxembourg Red Cross, in Shcherbynivka, will be inaugurated this month and will receive approximately 100 patients each week.

Promoting health

In addition to renovations and refurbishments, the Luxembourg Red Cross supports healthcare centres in promotional activities that they organise. Healthcare campaigners go from school to school and visit other public places to inform locals on how to protect themselves from various diseases such as coronavirus, HIV or tuberculosis, which is particularly prevalent in the region. In total, 27 prevention campaigns have raised awareness amongst 7022 people.

In 2020, our activities in Ukraine were supported by the Luxembourg and German Ministries for Foreign Affairs. Projects were run in partnership with the Ukrainian and German Red Cross.

Inside Halytsynivka health centre. The local health centre was renovated in 2020.