The Red Cross provides emergency aid for flood victims in Ukraine

08 June 2023

On Tuesday, an explosion destroyed the Nova Kakhovka dam in the Kherson oblast in southern Ukraine. This led to rapid flooding of the surrounding settlements, endangering the lives of the 16,000 people present in the critical flood zone on the right bank of the Kherson region.

The Red Cross Movement swiftly responded to help the flood victims and 200 volunteers will soon be on site. The Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS), jointly with the emergency services, has already supported evacuating around 1900 people, included 150 people with limited mobility. Five camps have been set up in Kherson to allow people to stay there before evacuating to other settlements, as well as an emergency centre at Mykolaïv station.

URCS teams also assist people with basic needs such as water, food, hygiene items, sleeping kits, etc. and is preparing to provide water purification and distribute drinking water throughout the region.

The Luxembourg Red Cross, with the support of the Belgian Red Cross and the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, has decided to allocate €100,000 to provide emergency material aid to displaced people. Yesterday, 20 tonnes of water, 300 hygiene kits and food were already distributed.