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Save The Date: the Red Cross Bazar from the 8 to the 21 November 2021

05 November 2021

The local chapter of Luxembourg City is actively preparing the 75th Red Cross Bazar. This edition will bring together friends, volunteers, beneficiaries and partners from November 8 to 21 in various pop-up stores and online.

The Bazar On Tour will pass by Howald with the Vintage Bazar (5 rue des Bruyères, in the former BOMA building) from Monday, November 8 to Saturday, November 13 and by the Fondation Chomé (rue d’Eich) with a Brocante Coup de Cœur on the weekend of November 20 and 21. On the same weekend, visitors will be able to enjoy the Bazar am Zelt, under a big tent on the Glacis carpark, or the Wine & Champagne Festival, which takes place at the same time. They will also find homemade products, fine food, design objects, artists’ works and vintage clothes for children and adults. As a bonus, the Kleeschen will make its first appearance of the year, for the pleasure of the youngest – and the others! More information will be coming soon!

Supporting young and vulnerable people in Luxembourg and around the world

Like last year, the money raised by the Red Cross Bazar will benefit the country’s young people and the initiatives that support them psychologically, socially and educationally.

For example, in 2020, 77 young people with an average age of 14 were welcomed at the Norbert Ensch Reception Center, more than 200 were accompanied by Psy-jeunes or more than 100 young people were housed and accompanied by the Perspectives service, not to mention support for those with psychological or behavioral problems or for young people who are going through family crises and need stability.

The Bazar will also support the interventions of the Red Cross Luxembourg in the world: its humanitarian teams help people affected by conflicts and disasters, like in Haiti right now. Whether it is to protect civilians, to house them, to build emergency shelters or to give them access to water, the teams take many actions to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable populations.