Our humanitarian teams continue their work in Ukraine

30 March 2022

In the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, 50km from the front line, “there is no question of abandoning the local population” for the Luxembourg Red Cross’ humanitarian teams, who continue to help the victims of the armed conflict.

The Luxembourg Red Cross team in Kramatorsk has been supporting no less than six hospitals and a fire station every day since the beginning of the conflict, enquiring about their needs and delivering medical supplies to support the wounded.

If the front line is moving, “as long as we can help, we will” explains Myriam Jacoby, responsible for Ukraine. Indeed, the principles of neutrality and impartiality of the Red Cross give it the mandate to help the most vulnerable without discrimination and without taking sides. These strong values enable it to support people affected by the conflict in Ukraine itself, but also in Russia, or in neighbouring countries such as Moldova. “Since the beginning of the conflict last month, we have provided hundreds of jars of baby food, hygiene kits and nappies, not to mention first aid kits, as well as 1600 food items for families living in the area,” explains Myriam Jacoby.