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#HëlleftEisHëllefen: Thank you CRCC team

27 April 2020

The Red Cross is there when people need help. This often requires spontaneous adaptation, especially in the exceptional current situation. For example, in April, the Centre de Réhabilitation Château de Colpach (CRCC) was turned into a treatment centre for Covid-19 patients.

This was a special challenge for the entire team, and the Red Cross would like to thank all staff and helpers for their commitment on the front line. In order for us to be able to continue our work, we would be happy to receive any kind of donation or support.

As of April 7, the first patient was able to leave the center cured. You can watch a video of the departure of the 2nd patient with the applause of the caregivers here: 

Our staff at the Château de Colpach Rehabilitation Center continues to relentlessly care for Covid-19 patients to help them to recover from this disease.

Help us so we can continue to help them.

More information about the Château de Colpach Rehabilitation Center see hereafter: