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Serving patients and their quality of life

The Rehabilitation Centre Château de Colpach (CRCC) helps with the physical, physiological and psychological recovery of its patients. It houses two national services: the National Post-Oncological Rehabilitation Service (Service National de Réhabilitation Post-Oncologique) and the National Physical Rehabilitation Service (Service National de Réhabilitation Physique).

Patients become active players in their healthcare journey

As an addition to the offer of hospital services in Luxembourg, the CRCC contributes to ensuring the quality and sustainability of the health sector, which is constantly evolving in response to the new needs of our society:

  • The National Service for Post-Oncological Rehabilitation, which is part of the National Cancer Plan, takes care of patients suffering from the consequences of cancer or its treatment or an event related to such an ailment.
  • The National Service for Physical Rehabilitation enables the patient to regain control of his or her health and life following an acute phase of serious pathology or chronic illness, or following surgery.

The two services provide a high level of care and, thanks to personalised programmes, enable optimal recovery of functional performance, greater autonomy and improved quality of life for patients.

A multidisciplinary medical team manages the CRCC. The different caregivers regularly coordinate their respective efforts and work to serve the patient.

A personalised programme for each patient

Based on an individualized programme that is prepared with the patient and constantly adapted, the Centre offers:

  • Technical and basic care,
  • Medical, therapeutic, psychological and emotional follow-up to handle co-morbidities, pain and fatigue related to cancer and treatment,
  • A physical conditioning session,
  • Psychosocial advice and assistance, therapeutic education,
  • Information on external aid services and organizations.

Better quality of life

Through an adapted health roadmap and thanks to therapeutic education, the Rehabilitation Centre can guide patients to change their lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of recurrence, relapse or developing a new pathology, and to minimize the impact of the illness on their health, their family, as well as their social and professional context.

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