670,000 people helped since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine

09 December 2022

Involved in the emergency response since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the Luxembourg Red Cross has just reached a symbolic threshold of 670,000 people helped, the equivalent of the population of Luxembourg. This number continues to grow.

Nine months of intervention

Over the past nine months, the Luxembourg Red Cross has been working both inside and outside Ukraine to meet the needs of the population affected by the conflict.

To ensure access to health care, almost 57 tonnes of medical equipment and repair materials have been delivered to hospitals and emergency services. Hundreds of thousands of food and hygiene kits have been distributed to the population. Teams on the ground are also supporting the reconstruction of medical facilities, community centres and houses. As Moldova is one of the poorest countries in the region hosting refugees, the Luxembourg Red Cross is also supporting the Moldovan Red Cross. In total, 670,000 people have benefited from the Red Cross assistance in Ukraine and Moldova.

We have reached this symbolic number of beneficiaries. This means that for one Luxembourg resident, we have helped one Ukrainian. And this is thanks to the donations of our generous donors” says Rémi Fabbri, director of Humanitarian Aid at the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Today, the need for humanitarian aid is still present.

Following the recent bombings, a majority of the population is without electricity and has difficulty accessing running water. In response to these challenges, the Luxembourg Red Cross’ humanitarian actions in Ukraine focus on health, access to water and housing-infrastructure. They concern the rehabilitation of hospitals and collective centres for internally displaced persons, the provision of medical equipment, the supply of water and supplementary heating, as well as the provision of materials to repair housing. These projects aim to protect vulnerable people from the harshness of winter and to ensure minimum sanitary conditions.

We are currently planning our first distributions of 90 tons of briquettes for the inhabitants of Nikolavka in the Donetsk region and we hope that the security situation will be clement to ensure that the beneficiaries have a warm Christmas and New Year” explains Myriam Jacoby, in charge of the Ukrainian crisis at the Humanitarian Aid.

Faced with the challenges of winter and as the conflict drags on, the needs of those affected are still present. Support them with your donation.