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A platform for committed young people

The Luxembourg Red Cross Youth offers young people from the age of 15 an ideal platform for volunteer work. In accordance with its principles and values, the Red Cross, together with the Red Cross Youth, helps young people become committed citizens who take an active part in shaping their way of life together. The Red Cross youth summer camps are still one of the cornerstones of the Red Cross.

From summer camp to social volunteering

It all began more than 100 years ago with the Service de Vacances: in 1914, the Red Cross first organized holiday camps for children from the south of the country. This activity then became a permanent institution, and the Luxembourg Red Cross Youth was created in 1948.

As the services offered by the two initiatives are complementary, they have been operating together as a single organisation for more than 30 years. The aim of the proposed volunteer work is to give every teenager or young adult the opportunity to realise his or her idea of social commitment.

Ongoing training, joint actions, own initiatives

The Red Cross Youth helps young people aged 15 to 30 to develop their own identity by helping others. The Red Cross holiday camps are one very comprehensive way of achieving this goal, but there are also other projects on offer. Currently available are:

  • Holiday camps: young people can take part in holiday camps as helpers or as supervisors.
  • Training: young people can take a training course, for example to become a supervisor.
  • Projects: they can start projects themselves or get involved in existing social projects of the Red Cross Youth.
  • Activities: they can take part in the various activities held on a yearly basis for good causes.

Training centre and collaboration with other services

Most activities converge at the Bartringen continuing education centre, where young participants can meet at any time and prepare their activities. The Youth Committee supports them in the development and implementation of these activities. One of the main advantages of volunteering with the Red Cross Youth is cooperation with other Red Cross departments. This allows young people to also provide effective support to elderly people or migrants and refugees in their daily lives.

Young people who want to help others and contribute to shaping society can contact … 

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