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save lifes, donate blood

You can play an active role in saving lives or improving the lives of sick or injured people by donating blood. Might you be interested? Here’s what you need to know before you embark on this adventure.

The Luxembourg Red Cross has been taking care of blood collection for several decades. Its mission is to make the country self-sufficient, and to enable the health system to treat all patients who need a blood transfusion or a blood product. And this mission could not be accomplished without the generosity of several thousand volunteer donors.

All interested people can learn more about blood donation

Who can donate blood?

You can donate blood if:

  • You are between the ages 18 and 60,
  • You have a body weight greater than or equal to 50 kilos,
  • You are in good health,
  • You have a little free time to do a good deed,
  • You want to help those who are suffering,
  • You are motivated enough to overcome your possible apprehension of a painless sting.

Where to donate blood?

Blood donations can be made in various places in Luxembourg:

  • At the Blood Transfusion Centre of Luxembourg City.
  • At external collection sites: the Blood Transfusion Centre team serves several collection sites in Luxembourg.
  • Thanks to blood drives at your workplace.

Workplace collection

The support of private companies, associations and schools is also crucial. By becoming partners, they bring concrete support to the Red Cross’ efforts in raising awareness about donating blood and recruiting new donors by:

  • Promoting blood donation on their premises,
  • Allowing their staff to go alone or in groups to the Blood Transfusion Centre or to external blood drives,
  • Organizing drives within their premises if conditions permit.

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