Riicht Eraus

A contact point for perpetrators of domestic violence

For the perpetrators of domestic violence, consulting Riicht Eraus’ team is a way out of an infernal spiral. Since its creation in 2004, the service’s mission has been to accompany and advise them, whether they have already been convicted for their actions or not. Those who visit the service can be people under arrest, clients referred to the consultants by judicial decision or people who take this step of their own free will.

Since the Domestic Violence Act of 2013, perpetrators evicted from their homes by the police are required to report to Riicht Eraus within 14 days and make an appointment. Others come to see the team on their own initiative, after they recognise an increased risk of violence, or have already committed such acts but have not yet been charged.

Protecting victims, managing situations peacefully

All clients have the opportunity to attend consultations during which they receive advice on how to change their behaviour. The procedure is intended, in the short term, to protect victims and, in the longer term, to reduce violence. Through the counselling, clients acquire tools to peacefully manage risk situations.

The counsellor’s first objective is to encourage perpetrators of violence to take responsibility, becoming aware of their violence and understanding that it cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. In this context, the weekly individual sessions create the necessary confidence to go further.

Identifying one’s own limits and those of others

In this way, the consultant will be able to better understand the client’s personal situation and show him that he must identify his own limits and those of others, and not exceed but respect them. Riicht Eraus does not stop consultations until the consultant, in agreement with the supported person, is convinced that the s/he can now deal with potential violent situations in a different, non-violent way.

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