Working to ensure that migrants live in dignity by activating and valuing their resources

Migrants and Refugees Service

Helping those who come to us.

“Working to ensure that migrants live in dignity by activating and enhancing their resources”: this is the mission of the Migrants and Refugees Service (Service Migrants et Réfugiés, SMR) which informs and supports migrants, more particularly applicants for international protection (Demandeurs de Protection Internationale – DPI), throughout their stay in Luxembourg.

Receiving and accommodating applicants for international protection

The Migrants and Refugees Service provides support, guidance in daily life and social follow-up to applicants for international protection as well as support during all administrative procedures. An essential aspect of its work is the organisation of leisure activities that promote the socio-cultural integration of migrants into Luxembourg society.

In 2004, the Luxembourg State entrusted the Migrants and Refugees Service with the care of applicants for international protection in order to better meet their needs. Since then, the Migrants and Refugees Service has been running several reception centres and accommodation facilities throughout Luxembourg. In order to fulfil its mission, the service works in close collaboration with the Office National de l’Accueil (ONA).

Support throughout their stay in Luxembourg

In recent years, the Migrants and Refugees Service has been faced with a significant influx of applicants for international protection. Upon arrival, persons who intend to apply for international protection are received at the “Centre de Primo Accueil” (CPA, First Reception Centre). Shortly after submitting their application for international protection to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, they are directed to the second phase Reception Centre managed by the Migrants and Refugees Service of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Then, according to their specific needs, applicants for international protection are able to join one of our accommodation structures (or a structure managed by another service provider). The Migrants and Refugees Service guarantees individual care and social assistance throughout the entire asylum application process.

In many cases, the persons concerned stay after being granted the status of beneficiary of international protection (BPI) or subsidiary protection, as they do not always find adequate accommodation. In this context, the SMR works closely with the LISKO (Luxembourg Centre for Integration and Social Cohesion – Lëtzebuerger Integratiouns- a Sozialkohäsiouns-Zenter).

In these reception centres, multidisciplinary teams offer individualized support.

Individualised support and compulsory courses

Within the reception centres and accommodation structures, multidisciplinary teams offer individualised support. The Migrants and Refugees Service provides care adapted to the needs of particularly vulnerable persons such as unaccompanied minors, single-parent or large families, persons suffering from psychological distress, persons with special needs, victims of violence and trafficking.

Restoring family bonds

Among its flagship missions, the Migrants and Refugees Service also works to restore family bonds. The service works with other National Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to guarantee that, in the event of natural or man-made disasters, family unity is maintained or restored. It also ensures that people are informed of the fate of their missing relatives.

Contacts addresses

Coordination du Service Migrants et Réfugiés

Tel.: 2755 5400

Dispositif Premier Accueil (DPA)

Tel.: 2755 5418

Centre de primo-accueil

Tel.: 2755 5440

Centre d’accueil « Mersch Creos »

Tel.: 2755 5460

Centre d’accueil « Eich »

Tel.: 2755 5410

Centre d’accueil « Diekirch Gare »

Tel.: 2755 5436

Centre d’accueil « Lily Unden/Don Bosco »

Tel.: 2755 5480

Centre d’accueil « Bertrange »

Tel.: 2755 5430

Centre d’accueil « Redange-sur-Attert »

Tel.: 2755 5432

Centre d’accueil « Mersch-Gare »

Tel.: 2755-5439

Centre d’accueil « Betzdorf »

Tel.: 2755-5439

Centre d’accueil « Dudelange »

Tel.: 2755 5470

Centre d’accueil « Soleuvre »

Tel.: 2755 5390

Centre d’accueil « Wasserbillig »

Tel.: 2755-5439

Centre d’accueil « Bascharage »

Tel.: 2755 5437

Centre d’accueil « Weilerbach Schumacher »

Tel.: 2755 5437

Centre d’accueil pour « Mineurs Non-Accompagnés »

Tel.: 2755 5490

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have arrived on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and I intend to submit my application for international protection. How do I do this?
  • I am a teacher and I would like to raise the awareness of my pupils or students for the topic of asylum and migration. Whom can I get in touch with for information?
  • I would like to do volunteer work with applicants for international protection. Whom can I get in touch with?
  • I would like to make a material donation (clothing, children’s equipment, toys, books, etc.). Who can I contact?
  • I would like to do an internship with the service “Migrants et Réfugiés”. How can I do this?
  • I would like to work for the service “Migrants et Réfugiés”. How do I proceed?

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