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A quality relationship for positive change

Kannerhaus Jean Therapeutic Centre

Therapeutic support for children and families

The Kannerhaus Jean Therapeutic Centre is dedicated to families going through difficult times and whose children are showing signs of mental suffering that result in behavioural or emotional problems

Kannerhaus Jean welcomes each person with esteem, kindness and compassion and offers high quality guidance for positive and lasting changes. The centre accompanies families in their search for solutions and helps them to put them into practice.

Therapeutic and educational support

Whether the problems manifest themselves at home, at school or both, the centre offers therapeutic and educational support using a variety of methods. A special feature of the centre is its use of (intermediate) “media” in the therapy of the child, such as animals, art, games or puppets.

The three pillars of Kannerhaus Jean are:

  • Psychotherapeutic work with children using various media,
  • Therapeutic work with the family system and the extended social network,
  • Work with the child’s school system if needed.

Three types of care

The Kannerhaus Jean offers three types of therapeutic care:

  • The psychotherapeutic consultation centre where children and families come once a week for therapy,
  • The psychotherapeutic day centre where children come to the centre for 4 days a week and attend their usual school on the 5th day.
  • The psychotherapeutic boarding school where children between 6 to 12 years of age with mental disorders exceeding the means of intervention in the psychotherapeutic consultation centre and the psychotherapeutic day centre are supervised 5 days a week (day and night). During weekends and school holidays, the children go home.

How to benefit from this help ?

The admission procedure begins with a phone call to exchange information and continues, if necessary, with an interview with a psychologist from the service to assess whether the treatment corresponds to the family’s needs.

This is followed by a 3-month observation phase, during which the family attends weekly appointments. At the end of this phase, the therapists and the family work out a therapeutic plan together. This is when the multidisciplinary team begins the therapeutic care itself.

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