A dispensary for sex workers

DropIn is a place for sex workers and drug addicts offering medical, social, psychological and material support and follow-up. Opened in 1998, this safe, neutral and anonymous space follows a non-directive approach, i.e. it respects people’s life choices without judgement. Today, more and more sex workers benefit from its social and medical services as well as from the emotional support provided by the team.

A combination of multiple problems

The service is open to all persons engaging in prostitution, whether professionally or occasionally, as well as cross-dressing or transgender people, regardless of nationality, status (legal or illegal) or age.

Sex workers and drug users often suffer, in combination, from:

  • Administrative problems (no address, health insurance or papers, etc.)
  • Housing problems (looking for a home, a room, etc.)
  • Understanding problems (need for explanations of legislation and legal advice)
  • Physical and mental health problems (addiction problems, infections)
  • Financial problems.

Against social exclusion and for the prevention

DropIn is committed to fighting the social exclusion of prostitutes and organises health prevention and vaccination campaigns. Listening to the beneficiaries is at the heart of the team’s work: it is the base of the personalised care then received by the beneficiaries. The services offered as well as the prevention materials distributed at the DropIn are free of charge.

The service has the necessary equipment allowing sex workers to communicate, rest, cook, wash or change their clothes. They can receive daily prevention materials and wipes on a weekly basis. The staff regularly carries out streetwork in Luxembourg to make prevention work  as well as promote the DropIn service itself.

In addition, a needle exchange counter
– open to everyone –
informs and advises the public on the available material and also does prevention work.

A caring team with a wide range of skills

A nurse is present every day at the doctor’s office of the centre and a team of 7 doctors take turns to be on duty on Wednesdays. The activity of the medical practice focuses mainly on the screening of sexually transmitted infections, contraception and vaccination against hepatitis B and tetanus. Other medical and nursing care is also provided. Clients in need of care or treatment are referred – or even accompanied – to the appropriate facilities.

The team also supports service users who are experiencing physical or psychological violence, relationship problems or feelings of isolation. Through the EXIT programme it also helps those who wish to leave the world of prostitution.  

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