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The Ambulance Service of the Luxembourg Red Cross provides assisted ambulance transport both in Luxembourg and abroad, as well as being on duty during sporting or cultural events. Both for hospitals and private individuals, the service offers specialised means of transport thanks to competent teams made up of professionals and volunteers who have undergone training recognised by the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (Corps grand-ducal d’incendie et de secours, CGDIS). The Luxembourg Red Cross is approved as an emergency service organisation by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministère de l’Intérieur).

Carrying sick, disabled or repatriated people

Red Cross ambulances provide the following services:

  • Transporting private patients to hospitals, doctors or other medical professionals,
  • Inter-hospital transport,
  • Specialised transport (intensive care, paediatric, neonatal, etc.),
  • Repatriations.

The Ambulance Service is particularly specialised in transport requiring specific equipment and training (intensive care, neonatal care, intensive paediatric transport or patients with cardiac catheters (from/to the National Institute of Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Cardiology – Institut National de Chirurgie Cardiaque et de Cardiologie Interventionnelle, INCCI).

Available and attentive service

  • In the field, the Ambulance Service has a professional team of first-aiders and ambulance paramedics, supported by a volunteer team of first-aiders, ambulance paramedics, nurses and doctors. The qualification of the service is recognised by the CGDIS.
  • In the back-office, a team of experienced managers is on call from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. They are in charge of reservations and transport dispatching.


The Ambulance Service has two types of vehicles for passengers in a sitting position, one of which is suitable for people with reduced mobility, and two types of vehicles for patients lying down, one of which is for intensive care.

The medical ambulances are equipped with a Lifepak15 monitor/defibrillator, an Oxylog3000 plus ventilator, syringe pumps and medication.

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