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Sociotherapeutic centre

for children in school distress

The Kautenbach-based sociotherapeutic centre (Centre socio-thérapeutique; CST) was set up to care for children in school distress. Here they receive appropriate schooling and do some specific work on behaviour, so that they can reintegrate their home class.

Schooling at the CST

There is only one way of entering into CST. It is mandatory for all beneficiaries of the service to:

  • Be primary school children (from cycle 1.1 to cycle 4.2),
  • Experience behavioural problems,
  • Have received guidance by the National Inclusion Commission (Commission Nationale de l’Inclusion; CNI),
  • Have received a diagnosis by a specialist of the Centre for Socio-Emotional Development (Centre pour le développement socio-émotionnel; CDSE),
  • And have received their parents’ consent.

A participatory approach with the parents

The CST’s approach is resolutely participatory. Parents and children are integrated into the various strands of the overall approach: work on safety, experiential education approaches, development of crisis management strategies with children and parents, etc.

A multidisciplinary team

In order to supervise the young students and meet all their needs, the CST team is composed of graduated and certified educators, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, a cook and a teacher seconded from the CDSE.

Due to the school character, the CST closes during the Luxembourg school holidays.

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