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Young people? We’re holding a Bazar just for them…

15 November 2021

The Red Cross Bazar will be back from 20 to 21 November, but it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The Bazar am Zelt, at the Glacis, will be a unique opportunity to discover the work carried for young people, both in Luxembourg and around the world, as well as to find original gifts for the festive season.

The Bazar will be held at two different locations: under the Glacis tent, more than a hundred volunteers will be on hand to sell handicrafts and design items (jewellery, small furniture, household items, children’s toys, etc.) as well as food delicacies (salmon, cheese, homemade jams and sweets, etc.). Antique lovers can head to 50 rue d’Eich for the Brocante coup de cœur. For Manou Hoss, president of the Luxembourg-city chapter of the Red Cross, “this year, we’re completely revamping the Bazar! Together with the many volunteers, we are creating an ephemeral and atypical meeting place that not only raises funds, but also concretely showcases the daily commitment of the Red Cross to young people.”

Indeed, in addition to the sale of objects, visitors to the Glacis will be able to meet the teams who help and accompany young people to overcome the difficulties they encounter, as well as to understand the nature of their work. Psychological or academic support, organisation of holidays, work with those who are in social difficulty or have cut ties with their family… the needs are numerous, as are the solutions offered. Manou Hoss underlines: “the multitude of services and projects that give young people prospects, develop their autonomy and help them to “transition from childhood”, and enable them to become fulfilled adults… The hundreds of boys and girls – and their families – who benefit from these programmes need our solidarity even more in the wake of the health crisis.”

Support for young people does not stop at the country’s borders. Elsewhere in the world, the Luxembourg Red Cross is helping families who have suffered the consequences of natural disasters, conflict or pandemics, focusing on shelter. According to Rémi Fabbri, director of the Red Cross International Aid, “thanks to the money raised during the Bazar, we can develop projects that allow young people and their families to rebuild their lives: when you have lost everything, a roof over your head is the first step to start again in life and believe in the future.”

If you want to show your support, the link’s over here!