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World Volunteer Day: Together we are strong

05 December 2023

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World Volunteer Day is celebrated annually on 5 December. It serves to promote appreciation for volunteering and the voluntary work of people. The day is the perfect opportunity to highlight the important role and contribution of volunteering in society and to show appreciation for those who volunteer their time, energy and skills for the common good.
There are currently around 1,500 volunteers working for the Luxembourg Red Cross.

The Luxembourg Red Cross would like to use this day to sincerely thank all those who are involved in various areas such as

  • the Red Cross Youth Department
  • the Iris Department
  • the Weesen-Elteren self-help group
  • the Cynotechnical Unit
  • the Material and Food Aid
  • the LISKO department
  • Migrant and Refugee work (SMR)
  • the Blood Transfusion Centre (CTS)
  • the Rescue Service
  • in the Youth Centres as “co-pilots” and in many other volunteer roles to bring about positive change in our society.

We are stronger together and we can help others better!

Would you like to volunteer?

Tel.: 27 55 & Benevolat@croix-rouge.lu 
More information: Volunteering – Luxembourg Red Cross, Mënschen hëllefen (croix-rouge.lu)